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Can I choose who to target?

Of course! You make the decision on which interest group is best suited for your audience!

Can I choose more than 1 interest?

Absolutely! We encourage you to choose as you wish!

How many people are on your list?

We have the largest reach in The Bahamas. At last count we were providing our services to more than 45,000 subscribers, however with new subscribers joining every day, that number continues to grow!

What's the difference between niche-targeted and general campaigns?

Niche campaigns are only sent to subscribers interested in a particular topic ie: health, entertainment, and or education. General campaigns will receive emails on every topic.

Why choose Kemis.Net over the competition?

In a nutshell, value and experience! We have a great relationship with our clients and subscribers due to our professionalism and our guarantee of 100% satisfaction. We have been providing email marketing to our clients since 2006 and we have managed to stay true to our mission to remain affordable, in addition to creating the best value for our subscribers!